3 Ply Surgical Masks

Medis Enterprises is proud to announce our locally manufactured Surgical Masks. These Breathable Protective, 3Ply Masks offer the highest protection against the Covid-19 Virus.

Our Masks are manufactured under stringent hygienic conditions on our premises. Let us work together to fight this Pandemic.

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One test is a Pulse Oximetry test, which is quite straightforward and painless. Its aim is to test how much oxygen is in your blood through a device placed on your finger.

When using a pulse oximeter:
  • Sit still and do not move the part of your body where the pulse oximeter is
  • Do not use the device on your hands when your hands are cold
  • Remove all fingernail polish if using the device on your hands

Oxygen Concentrator

Get your Oxygen Therapy Concentrators and Oximeters at affordable prices.

What is an Oxygen Concentrator?

A Portable Oxygen Machine is a small medical device that helps individuals with low levels of oxygen in the blood. These devices “make” their own oxygen by taking in normal air and returning it as 90-95% Oxygen with low levels of nitrogen. Oxygen is essential to life, and our high-quality oxygen concentrators can be beneficial for you.

When using an Oxygen Concentrator:
  • Do not use the concentrator, or any oxygen product, near an open flame or while smoking
  • Place the concentrator in an open space to reduce chances of device failure from overheating
  • Do not block any vents on the concentrator since it may impact device performance
  • Periodically check your device for any alarms to make sure you are getting enough oxygen
Frequently Asked Questions about Oxygen Concentrators:

What are the side effects of being on oxygen?
Varying from person to person, although side effects may include: Dry or bloody nose, irritated skin around the mask, tiredness or drowsiness, morning headaches.

Does using oxygen make your lungs weaker?
After having some serious lung illnesses such as pneumonia, it can be quite hard to breathe. This helps oxygen get to your lungs and heart. The extra oxygen could make you stronger and more alert.

How many hours does a portable oxygen concentrator last?
Portable oxygen concentrators only use one battery at a time and comes in either a 4 cell or 8 cell version. Your device can last up to 5 hours if using the 8-cell battery, depending on your flow settings.
Download Oxygen Concentrator Manual